Items you'll need to bring


Maryland State Law and Federal Law require all waterfowl hunting to be done with steel shot and/or other approve NON LEAD-alloy shot!

  • 1.


    20 gauge or larger capable of shooting steel shot at close range.

  • 2.

    Rain Gear

    Insulated to keep rain and/or snow from ruining all the excitement of the hunt!

  • 3.


    Still or Video, whichever you prefer to capture a lifetime of memories from your hunt.

  • 4.


    Bibs and/or coveralls, jacket, hat, gloves, and/or whatever else you'll need to stay warm in anticipation!

Pricing by the gun

2 Goose Limit

$150.00 per gun

50% deposit required on all pre-booked hunts

Corporate, Club, and Multi Hunt Rates Available Upon Request

Per Blind Minimum


Blinds can accomodate up to 6 or more hunters


Available through local hotesl/motels upon request