Waterfowling Tradition

Hunting Maryland's Eastern Shore where the tradition of waterfowling is alive and well!
Located on the Wye River in Queenstown, Maryland. Less than 20 minutes from the Bay Bridge

We pride ourselves on quality waterfowl management by decoying geese for our clients hunting success. Come share our great waterfowling tradition, Eastern Shore Style

Canadian Geese by the thousands

Field pit blind hunting with large decoy rigs of Avian-X Full bodies, Big Feet and silhouettes

Tom and Jason Dodd are looking forward to giving you a world class hunting experience. So come hunt our well managed farms where we decoy geese in your face giving you a hunt of a lifetime. We are inviting you to come join us on your next hunt and help carry on our great waterfowling tradition. The work is done so let's get in cover up and enjoy Canada Geese by the thousands.